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Fall 2018 Newsletter
Winners are determined by using the results of the
evening ny pick 3 drawing (straight).
Featured races are paid as scheduled , not rain date.
2017 North East Stock Car Old Timers
2019 North East Stock Car Old Timers
Lottery Calendar
Winners are determined by using the results of the
evening ny pick 3 drawing (straight).
Featured races are paid as scheduled , not rain date.
Richard Hoffay (Manager)
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2441 Route 9W, Ravena, NY 12143
4 Cherry Vale Road
East Greenbush, NY 12061
(Please fill out and mail to Rich Carpinello, 4 Cherry Vale Road, East Greenbush, NY 12061)
Fall 2018 Newsletter
Hopefully, everyone was able to get out to and ejoy the
great racing action this past season. At most of the tracks,
points champions weren’t crowned until the final night
of racing. Congradulations to the 2018 Champions and
all of the race teams that made for a great 2018 racing
season. We wish the race teams that will be competing in
the season ending races the Best of Luck.
NESCOT Monthly Meetings
The meetings for Nov.,Dec., Jan., Feb. and March will be
held on Saturday’s at 1 pm at the Pine Ridge Estates,
1737 US Route 9W, Selkirk, NY 12158. The meetings
are moved to Saturday’s during the winter months
because of possible bad weather and road conditions,
plus it’s beyond dark by 7pm. Moving the meetings to
Saturday helps our senior citizen members feel safer
driving to the meetings during the day. Meeting dates
are posted in this newsletter under the Upcoming
Meetings and Events heading. You may also go to the
NESCOT web site, , click on events
for information about meetings and other upcoming
NESCOT event information.
NESCOT Steak Bake
The Steak Bake held in August was a picture perfect day.
Around 140 people attended the bake. The Nassau
Sportsman Club did another excellent job hosting the
bake. The food as always was excellent. NESCOT would
like to thank “Dusk to Dawn” for a great day of music.
NESCOT was able to raise a little over $1100.00 at
the Steak Bake through the 50/50, Raffle, Apparel and
Calendar sales. Thank you to everyone that volunteered
and helped in making the Steak bake a very relaxing and
enjoyable day.
For the second year NESCOT sponsored the Non-
Qualifier Races at Super DIRT Week. The weather was
not the best as rain contributed to delays and changes
with the schedule of events. Due to a last second
cancellation by World Racing Group CEO Tom Deery,
Pre Race Ceremonies were canceled. Most of the awards
that NESCOT was to present to the winner of the Non-
Qualifier races were never handed out. There was no
reason why the Pre Race Ceremonies were canceled. The
driver’s receiving awards were at the stage. Sponsors of
the awards were at the stage. It would have taken about
10 minutes to hand out the awards and recognize the
driver’s who earned them. To say many sponsor’s and
driver’s were disappointed by Tom Deery’s decision
would be an understatement. Due to the way Tom Deery
handled NESCOT and our sponsorship, NESCOT will not
be returning as a sponsor next year at Super DIRT Week.
The organization will have to decide if it’s in our best
interest to have a booth next year at Super DIRT Week to
sell the 2020 NESCOT Lottery Calendar. The NESCOT
Representatives manning the booth at Super DIRT Week
were, Rich Carpinello, Dave Crain and Mark Krosky. 75
Calendars were sold during Super DIRT Week. NESCOT
would like to thank Jeff Hachman (DIRTCar Director of
Events) and Brian Carter (World Racing Group CEO) for
efforts in trying to correct Tom Deery’s bad decision. Tom
owes this organization a BIG apology.
2019 NESCOT Lottery Calendar
The 2019 NESCOT Lottery Calendar has been available
for purchase since August. There is a correction to be
made from the Summer Newsletter. There is 80 chances
to win $2700.00 not $1425.00. With that being taken
care of, now that’s a better reason to get a calendar. Get
a couple calendars, they make great gifts. So far calendar
sales have been pretty good. We are hoping to sell around
800 calendars. The calendars are NESCOT’s major fund
raiser. The more calendars we can sell, the more money
we can donate to those in the racing community during
a time of need. NESCOT would like to thank all of the
driver’s, promoter’s and sponsor’s for your support of the
2019 NESCOT Lottery Calendar. It is with your support
that NESCOT can donate money to those in the racing
community that could use a little helping hand.
Nominations and Election for
Officers and Trustees
Nominations for NESCOT Officers and Trustees will be
held at the November monthly meeting. Nominations for
Officers include President, Vice President Treasurer and
Secretary. Nominations for Trustees are for 1 and 2 year
positions. Nominations for NESCOT Historian will also be
accepted. Donna Ingoldsby who has been the NESCOT
Secretary informed the organization that she would
not be seeking re election as her job has kept her from
attending meetings. Donna did say that she would still
keep the records for the calendar. Thanks Donna for your
service to NESCOT. The Secretary’s duties include taking
the minutes at the meetings, typing them up, reading the
minutes at the next meeting and keeping a record of the
membership list which consists of around 275 members.
The NESCOT Historian’s position is open as it has not
been filled since the passing of Betty Ostwald. If you are
interested in any of the positions available, please attend
the November meeting. We look forward to seeing you
there. Nominations from the floor will also be excepted at
the December meeting.
Make sure you check out the NESCOT web site, . You can order calendars and
check out all of the upcoming events that NESCOT will
be at. Visiting the web site is the best way to get the
latest news and info on your organization.
NESCOT Facebook Page
The NESCOT Facebook page has been owned by Rick
LaGrange for many years. He has done a fantastic job
with his vision of the site and it’s representation of
NESCOT. Check it out. There’s a link for the NESCOT
Facebook page on the NESCOTRACING web site.
NESCOT would like to thank Rick for his efforts and
his support of the organization through the NESCOT
Facebook page. Rick has informed the organization that at
some point down the road, NESCOT would be given the
passwords to the Facebook page. When that occurs, we
hope that we can do as good of a job as he has done.
North East Race Car Show
Known for years as the Fonda Car Show, Bob James
(Bobco Racing Videos) has taken over running the event.
The Car Show will take place March 15-17 at the Via
Port Mall (formerly Rotterdam Square). Bob has decided
to open the show to race teams at all of the areas tracks.
Bob has also notified NESCOT that we can have a table
as in past years to sell the NESCOT Calendars. Thanks
Bob for your support of the organization. If you are
interested in displaying your race car at the show you
may contact Bob at 518-399-0937.
Upcoming meetings and Events
Nov. 10 Monthly Meeting Saturday 1pm
Nominations for Officers and Trustees
Pine Ridge Estates 1737 Rt 9W, Selkirk,
NY 12158
Nov. 24 “Lost Speedways” at the
Saratoga Auto Museum “The
Gobbler” at Accord Speedway
2019 NESCOT Calendars available at
both events
Dec. 15 Monthly Meeting Saturday 1pm
Christmas Holiday Party
Elections of Officers and Trustees
Pine Ridge Estates 1737 Rt 9W, Selkirk,
NY 12158
Jan. 12 Monthly Meeting Saturday 1pm
Pine Ridge Estates 1737 Rt 9W, Selkirk,
NY 12158
Feb. 16 Monthly Meeting Saturday 1pm
Pine Ridge Estates 1737 Rt 9W, Selkirk,
NY 12158
March 15-17 Capital District Car Show
Via Port Mall (formerly Rotterdam
Mar. 16 Monthly Meeting Saturday 1pm
Pine Ridge Estates 1737 Rt 9W, Selkirk,
NY 12158